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I love when I figure out: Who I am. Who I want to become. How much I want to grow. Who I want to keep around. How I am going to live my life. Who the people are that truly care about me. What I want and desire for my life in the future. What difference I am going to make in this world. Who’s lives I am going to touch and hopefully change. It’s invigorating.

     I step back and I realize that now, I truly do not give a crap as to what anybody thinks about me. I have this awesome vision as to how I am going to present myself. The real me. I sing in the shower, I rock out in the car while I am driving by myself, I see the world from an artistic point of view, I will go to school with paint all over me if it means staying up all hours of the night to paint a masterpiece, I laugh and get crazy with my friends, I AM crazy, noises just come out of my mouth sometimes, I love food…. and you better accept those things about me because I am not going to change for ANYONE. I know what I want to do with my life (for the most part), and nobody is going to stop me.

2 years ago | 07:23pm
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